Napoli - Via Ferrante Imparato n.190, Condominio Napoli Est, cap 80146 – partita iva 04221081211
GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE The sale of the products is in the order on the reverse side and funds from SPOT LIGHT ADVERTISING S.R.L. based in Naples, Via Ferrante Imparato n. 190, Condominio Napoli Est, cap 80146 - VAT number 04221081211, is governed by the terms and conditions that can be supplemented by the clauses included in the invoice as well as in the transport documents and / or in the purchase order sent through the official website of the seller .

a) DEFINITIONS The seller: SPOT LIGHT ADVERTISING S.R.L. based in Naples, Via Ferrante Imparato n. 190, Condominio Napoli Est, cap 80146 - VAT number 04221081211 The customer: the subject (natural or legal person) who, by signing this contract, declares to be interested in buying the seller's products listed in the copy commission on the back and / or in the order placed through the seller's official website. The contract: The agreement between the seller and the customer is composed and governed by these "general conditions of sale", the commission copy, as well as the other clauses on the invoice and in the transport documents and / or in the order received through the official website of the seller.

b) DECLARATIONS The seller declares to be regularly authorized to market the products listed in the copy commission on the back and / or in the order acquired through its official website. The customer declares to be an economic operator interested in buying and reselling the products distributed by the seller, having the necessary commercial organization and the relative economic / financial capacity.
c) SUBJECT OF THE SALE The sale includes only the goods listed and detailed in the commission copy and / or in the order of purchase through the official website of the seller. The characteristics and other elements of the products shown in the catalog, on the seller's website or on any other documentation concerning the products being sold are to be considered purely indicative, having exclusive illustrative purposes and not binding for the seller.
d) PRICES AND PAYMENT METHODS The prices of the products are those indicated in the price list and / or reported in the commission copy, if accepted by the seller, and must be understood in addition to I.V.A. as per law charged to the customer. Payment for supplies must be made directly to the Vendor in accordance with the agreed conditions, ie those shown in the commission copy and on the invoice. In the event that negative information about the Customer (protests, executive acts, changes in the Balance Sheet, etc.) emerges, the Seller is authorized to consider all outstanding payments as immediately due whatever the expiry date, or to request and obtain specific guarantees on the same .
e) METHOD OF MARKETING OF PRODUCTS The Customer will be able to market and distribute the products exclusively through traditional distribution channels such as, for example, retail and wholesale points of sale, stores in general, stores of large-scale retail trade. The Customer is expressly excluded from the possibility of distributing (selling) the products through its Internet site or through third party websites, through outlets and settlement centers. It remains further excluded possibility for the Customer to distribute (sell) the products through the "newsstand" channel or to sell the products to newsagents for the resale of the same, either independently or in conjunction with newspapers, magazines or other publications of any nature. The Customer declares to have been informed and explicitly accepts that for the protection of the brands / brands and other distinctive signs and / or names of the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli the products purchased by the Seller may be exclusively subject to single sale and / or in matching with each other, with the express exclusion of any different use. The Client undertakes to transfer the clauses and limitations referred to in this point to any of his assignees as these are essential clauses for the purpose of validity of this agreement.
f) IDENTIFICATION OF PRODUCTS AND CONTROLS The goods covered by this contract are identified and identifiable as they are equipped with anti-counterfeiting labels (holograms) that bear the logo and / or the trademark and / or the name of the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli; these anti-counterfeiting labels (holograms), bearing these distinctive elements, must never be removed by the Customer for any reason or reason and, to this end, the Customer grants the Seller the right to carry out checks and verifications, through its own representatives and / or delegates, at their stores and / or points of sale in order to verify that the products in stock are regularly provided with said anti-counterfeiting plates. g) EXPRESS RESOLVED CLAUSE Failure to comply with the clauses referred to in point e) above and failure to comply with the payment terms gives the Seller the right to terminate the contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code upon written communication to the Customer to be forwarded with any suitable form. In this case, the Seller will have the right to withhold the amount received from the Customer as compensation for the damage suffered and suffered as well as for the use of the goods by the Customer, without prejudice to further actions for damages. h) SOLVE ET REPETE The Customer can not initiate any action in court if he does not show that he has performed his obligations and in particular that relating to full payment of the supplies. i) ACQUISING AND TOLERANCE ACTS Any mere acquiescence and tolerance of the Seller to the Client's activities even if only partially different from the clauses of this contract, or the failure to exercise any right by the Seller, can never constitute a waiver of the right to request the exact fulfillment of all the obligations of the Customer as governed by this contract. j) DATA PROCESSING The contractors mutually authorize the use of the data provided in relation to the obligations connected and consequent with the relationship referred to in this contract is in accordance with Law 675/96 and subsequent amendments and additions that the "Privacy" legislation for which they declare that they have received specific information from each other. Obtaining the cancellation of personal data is subject to sending a written communication sent to the other party. k) ASSIGNMENT OF THE CONTRACT The Customer and the Seller will not be able to transfer this contract to third parties. l) JURISDICTION This Contract is governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with the same law. For any controversy that may arise between the Parties, the Court of Naples will be exclusively competent.
m) APPROVAL OF CLAUSES The parties declare that they have acknowledged the exact content of each single clause of this Contract, acknowledge that they have freely and completely accepted them, and have specifically approved them as a whole. Therefore, any changes can not be made except by another document written and signed by both parties.